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20.000 parking spaces managed in Spain

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Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos is a subsidiary of the Isolux Corsán Group founded in 2006 with the aim of developing and operating the management of both public and private car parks. Since the creation of the company, the Isolux Corsán Group has become one of the top companies in Spain in the management of parking spaces.

Currently, the Group manages more than 30,281 parking spaces in 58 car parks. The number of spaces managed by Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos has recorded average annual growth of 22.14% since 2006 until 2015

The activity of the company focuses on three activities:

  • The promotion and management of car parks (rotational).
  • The management of municipal on-street parking (ORA).
  • The management of parking spaces for residents.

    Since mid-2014 Isolux Corsan be associated with the firm Oak Hill Advisors to strengthen its car park business, the company has acquired 7,747 seats, of which 4,187 were built during this year 2015.

    Moreover, the Parking Virgen de las Nieves Hospital of Granada, built and managed by Isolux Corsan, was recently awarded the 2015 Park Prize awarded biannually the Spanish Association of Parks and Garages (ASESGA). With almost 20,000 m2 of floor space, spread over four underground floors, houses 723 parking spaces and 38 for two-wheelers.

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